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23-03-17 Company news

Kangarooing in a Fero chair

Research shows that premature babies develop faster and better if they can lie a few hours a day on the chest of their father or mother.

This method was given the name kangarooing. Direct skin-to-skin contact appears very beneficent for the premature baby. It gives warmth, they smell the mother and father, they recognize the heartbeat and relax.

More and more neonatal intensive care units practice kangaroo care today and encourage young parents to do so. Often they use our Fero Ergo-line armchairs who prove to be excellent for kangarooing. In the relax position, the body is in a horizontal position so that the baby can be placed comfortably and safely on the chest. The zero-gravity position stimulates an optimal blood circulation, so the kangaroo position can be easily maintained for several hours.

Watch here a report of the TV channel VTM, devoted to the practice of kangaroo care in the university hospital of Antwerp (with our Fero armchairs!):