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Olympia Soft

Productnr.: 10843

The Soft model of the Olympia bed range is equipped with all necessary, but carefully concealed functions. It is not a typical nursing home bed, but it can be transformed into a multifunctional XLow bed if the need arises.

  • Height adjustment: 25 - 42 - 80 cm
  • Easy to use a patient hoist: The bed height can be easily adjusted which enables the use of a patient hoist to provide efficient daily care.
  • Selective locking system: It is possible to lock the bed positions selectively by means of a magnetic key. This means 1 central handset to operate and lock the bed functions, without straining your back.
  • OpenBus intelligent control box: The OpenBus technology adds extra intelligence to the bed and its accessories.In the near future, Openbus will be able to register sensor data and pass this information to the nursing staff.
  • Hidden castors: The hidden castors give the Olympia bed a homely touch.
  • Bed positions: (reverse) Trendelenburg position, seating or relax position, high position, low or sleeping position.
  • Seat height: To leave the bed easily, a special function makes sure that the bed stops automatically at seat height. Thanks to this, the patient can get out of the bed comfortably.

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