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Care hotel Drie Eiken (Three Oaks)

The board of the Antwerp University Hospital has decided, in collaboration with AZ Monica, to build Drie Eiken (Three Oaks), a recovery centre next to its hospital in Edegem. This is the ideal intermediate step for those who don’t need urgent medical care after hospitalization, but still are not strong enough to go home.

Drie Eiken offers the facilities of a modern and luxurious star hotel. There is a restaurant, a wellness centre and a gym. Room service is available for all who want it. The trump card is that guests can always count on the presence of a doctor, a physiotherapist, or a nurse. Furthermore, the centre is fully adapted to the needs of wheelchair users: the new building is accessible with wheelchairs, from parking area to shower cabins.

Drie Eiken has 68 rooms, both single and double rooms. Each room has large windows to increase both the amount of natural light incidence and the vast view of the environment. Haelvoet furnished every room with a Hilo box spring from its design label Hidden.

Architect: Llox Architecten

Scope of the project : 68 rooms with single or double beds

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