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SLiM room AZ St Lucas

Built on the square at the main entrance, the brand-new pavilion of the Ghent-based general hospital AZ Sint-Lucas fully focuses on innovation. Patients, doctors, fellow workers and other people interested can cast a glance at the innovative developments and the model room of the future.

Danny Van Hove, the head of the infrastructure department, was the driving force behind the SLiM-room (Sint-Lucas Innovative Model Room): “The need for new patient rooms made us think about the room of the future. We got the idea to install a model room as an experimental environment. At the same time we want to be open to the suggestions of patients, doctors, fellow workers, and our environment (partners, schools, public authorities,…). We are looking for creative solutions that we can use in our future projects. An important element is that innovation always has to result in (more) quality care.”

The brand-new pavilion consists of a model room, an information room, an impression area and a beautiful piece of wooden seating furniture. A complete patient room with a bathroom and shower was built. Our Olympia Hospital XLow bed, equipped with satellite control, is part of the model room as well.

Not only does the SLiM-room pay attention to innovative materials and techniques, but it also focuses on the increasing importance of mHealth (mobile healthcare). Several apps and portable technology to monitor our bodies anticipate this trend.

Architect: De Vloed

Scope of the project : Model room, information room, impression area and a piece of wooden seating furniture