Haelvoet has been using TENTE castors for more than 45 years. We are very proud of our long cooperation with TENTE, the world leader in the field of swivel castors with a central lock. Haelvoet uses more than 30 different TENTE castors to equip its beds, chairs and other rolling material. TENTE has reserved a special place for us among its customers, since it stores specific products for Haelvoet in its Belgian branch. This makes it possible for Haelvoet to both implement the lean principle and guarantee fast and flexible deliveries.

According to one of TENTE’s salesmen, this is a win-win situation: ‘Haelvoet is one of the few Belgian manufacturers of healthcare furniture and is therefore a very important partner for us. We adjust our products to the specific needs of the medical sector, such as high temperature cleaning, electric conductors or extra low design. That’s how we learn from each other and that’s how we both improve in what we do. Haelvoet furniture and TENTE castors are the perfect combination. Together we can provide perfect solutions for the medical sector, the patients and the nursing staff.’

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